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I'm delighted that you're reached my website. I hope you will explore a bit to discover how I can help you and your organization become more effective and successful.



My work focuses on helping people and teams at all levels of responsibility become more effective and more confident by improving their communications and conflict resolution skills through executive coaching, team and leadership development, or project design and implementation.

I believe that most of our problems at work are caused by ineffective communications – our inability to be honest without being hurtful, our inability to communicate our ideas and expectations clearly, and our inability to address disagreements constructively.

I would like to help you and your organization address these issues and allow the potential of your organization and your staff members to be realized. The more productive and successful the individual is, the more productive and successful the organization can be, so giving people the skills to communicate effectively is the first step toward successful leadership and organizational development as well.

I hope you will check the other pages on the site for details about the services I provide and the projects with which I have been involved, and read the comments from clients to get their sense of what we have accomplished. And then I hope you will let me know how I can help you and your organization as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Maria Simpson


  • 22% of people interviewed for a study said they decreased their work efforts because of interactions that were hostile?
  • Over 50% reported that they lost work time because they were worried that a conflict with someone would be repeated over and over again?
  • 12% of the people in the group reported that they changed jobs to get away from a recurring conflict?

And in a study reported in Business Week magazine, the most important action staff members said they wanted from their managers was quicker resolution to office conflict. 

Ineffective communications are costly, but they can be changed. Contact me to find out how we can work together to improve the communications in your organization.


Find out more about the Services I provide and the projects I have worked on to see how I can help your and your organization increase your success and your sense of accomplishment.


From a client:

Maria is all about finding solutions to your work situation. The best approach to managing a team, the best methods of handling various personalities, the best way to be a success at work are all part of her coaching process. Maria is a catalyst for resolution and effectiveness, and I have personally found her experience to be invaluable.

SAP Technical and Security Specialist

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