Building Workplace Relationships


I work with individuals in highly personalized, one-on-one coaching programs that focus on meeting both immediate and long-term goals, and with teams in equally customized development programs to improve their team interactions and decision-making. I also conduct training programs and design organization systems specifically to meet the needs and circumstances of the client group.


Coaching is always developmental, not punitive. I work with senior managers to help them define their roles as leaders, develop executive presence, and develop the management communications and conflict resolution skills that will make them strong leaders.


Developing a team and its members is the best way to develop leaders who will have a significant place in your organization's succession planning. I work with leadership, department, and project management teams to improve their collaboration and decision-making skills, and to develop each team member in his or her role resulting in more effective meetings, better decision-making, and increased trust among team members. I also facilitate leadership retreats to focus on the new concepts and perspectives that managers must adopt when they achieve leadership positions.


Successful systems are always closely tied to and support the organization's mission and values. I help organizations design projects and implement systems that create organization-wide change and improvement, such as designing a new performance evaluation system. These systems also ensure the consistency of organizational standards and procedures, and create a coherent organizational culture, especially if your organization is geographically dispersed.


My presentations are always tailored to the needs of the organization and the people who will participate. They last from a few hours to a few days and focus on the topics that are most important to them. These presentations are based on communications, conflict resolution, and leadership skills, and include the information, resources, and skills training that will most benefit your group and your organization. Public seminars are also presented throughout the year and are open to anyone interested in the topic.

Maria Simpson, Ph.D. * Los Angeles, CA * Phone: 641-715-3900 x 1376932 Fax: 310-826-7440 *

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