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People with good communications skills are simply more successful, and so are their organizations. They build stronger working relationships, present their ideas more clearly and persuasively, write more effectively, avoid misunderstandings, and resolve disagreement with less negative emotional impact. And with less tension in the workplace, people can focus on what is truly important – being productive and achieving that sense of accomplishment that comes from doing good work and reaching important goals.
We all want to get honest, thoughtful feedback about our performance, and when we do, we change for the better. My job as a coach is to provide that feedback with thoughtfulness and caring even when what I have to say might be difficult to hear, to foster growth and change for more effective leadership, and to help the client feel safe and confident during the process.
As Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith put it, to provide "honesty in the content . . . and empathy in the delivery."

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Coaching is always appropriate, especially when:
  • a stronger executive presence is needed, especially in a new position or one with more public contact or management responsibility.
  • leading others during a difficult process of change.
  • correcting ineffective behaviors or lapses in performance, especially if they might threaten employment.
  • acknowledging a job particularly well done and rewarding significant effort or achievement.

The process is customized to the client's needs, and generally includes:
  • clarifying both management's and the client's goals for coaching.
  • using assessments as appropriate.
  • providing direct, honest and supportive feedback on behavior both positive and negative.
  • identifying and practicing more effective behaviors, including skills training and role plays.
  • helping the client implement successful change.


A recently appointed executive in his first role as CEO needed to develop an executive presence consistent with his new position. Coaching helped him work on that presence, and he is now immensely successful, having reversed the organization's decline in both finances and reputation, developed new businesses, and had the latest project featured on television.

An HR executive whose difficult relationships almost cost her her job, recognized through coaching the source of her conflict with her associates, developed new communications patterns with them, and saved her job.

An engineer completely changed his difficult relationship with his manager once coaching helped him understand that their very different work styles caused conflict and misunderstanding. He now receives the highest performance evaluations and is described as the "go to guy" by a manager who once had reservations about his abilities.

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help in solving the workplace relationship problems between me and my boss. Five hours of coaching consultation may seem like a lot of time to someone else, but, to me, the countless hours of stress and confrontation saved far outweigh this. . . .  Years of built-up tension went away in a matter of a few weeks after applying your coaching techniques.

James, Orange County

Maria's coaching was an essential piece to my career development. She saw something in me that I did not and helped to bring out the best in me. As a result I have significantly improved my personal performance.

COO of a nationally recognized nonprofit

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