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I've worked on a wide variety of fascinating projects that solve an organizational problem and incorporate conflict prevention and resolution approaches as well. My approach is to work with the organization to identify the underlying problem and then address it, rather than simply address a more superficial problem with a short-term fix that might not last. In addition, I will work privately with the project manager or leader as a coach to plan next steps and strategies.
From a consulting client:
Maria's consulting services have been invaluable to me and other members of our management team. Her quick assessment of each situation and clear outline of recommendations has enabled us to consistently develop action plans that not only fit our business culture and practices, but achieved successful outcomes.
Barbara Weir, CEO, Dorris: A NEAS Company 
Here are three of the projects I've worked on. 

Design and implement the first management training and development program for a non-profit of over 850 people.

This project began with a complaint that new hires into a Director-level position had not received training on certain responsibilities and, therefore, could not be held accountable when they did not meet those responsibilities. The absence of a unified training program resulted in a lack of consistent policy application, lack of a coherent organizational culture, and a lack of accountability. Designing the program would meet these needs and develop future leaders who could be included in organizational succession planning.

The project included a significant commitment to individual coaching as the first step in training director-level employees in a complex and demanding position. In addition to designing the program, I wrote the coach's training component and trained the first cadre of internal coaches. The conflict tthat generated this program was successfully addressed by organization and system change.

Design and implement the first performance evaluation system for an arts management company that could not include the words "performance" and "evaluation."

This project was fascinating as it required that we rethink the approach to annual reviews and use the process that was being designed to demonstrate the values of the organization, especially individual development and initiative. The process was called a "Development Review" and included such ratings at "fully successful" which more accurately reflected the approach of the organization and is more respectful than being rated a "3" or told you "meet expectations." The process is centered on the employee, not the manager, with the employee taking the intiative for beginning the process and beginning the conversation, too. 

Design a program on managing the risks of workplace violence for a regional health care organization.

Health care organizations face significant threats from people affected by medication or who are devastated by the negative outcomes of some treatments, as well as the threats we all face from dissatisfied employees, disturbed employees, or domestic violence that spills over to the workplace. This program reviews the OSHA guidelines and included significant training in conflict resolution and safe practices. 


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