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Unique Communications Coaching Program
Understanding Your Communications Style:
A Unique Coaching and Assessment Package

If you are part of or lead a team, “Understanding Your Communications Style” will be an invaluable part of your success.

You may actually be undermining your own ideas and relationships, creating stress, and lowering productivity and morale simply by how you say something, and not even know it is happening.

This unique package of assessments and individual coaching will provide the insight you need to increase your management effectiveness, discover how you generate stress and reduce it, and deal with challenges more effectively.

 “Understanding Your Communications Style” is unique in both presentation and process. It includes:

•    two, self-scoring, self-contained assessments.
•    a written summary of the main ideas.
•    a one-hour confidential telephone coaching conversation to debrief the results.
•    a 30-minute follow-up conversation to answer additional questions.
•    one CEU from the BBS (Board of Behavioral Science).
•    highly reduced rates for additional telephone coaching sessions.

After completing the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Indicator and the Stress Resiliency Profile, our coaching conversation will focus on how the results relate to your particular style and situation. Our discussion is completely individualized and confidential. We’ll explore the changes you can make for more effective communications and leadership.

This approach is the first step in my executive coaching program and has been enormously successful. It has given my coaching clients insight into their own communications style and helped them work with other communications styles as well. Clients have received so much benefit from this approach that I want to make it available to everyone, and you don’t have to be a coaching client to take advantage of the opportunity!  Here’s what people have said:

“I learned why my communication style as a team leader
evokes the response I get from subordinates.”

“This was a real lightbulb moment!”

“It was a revelation!”

“My staff member used the information
as soon as we got back to work the next week.”

“What she learned really makes a difference.”

Fee: $195 through March 31, 2009. $250 beginning April 1, 2009. Fee includes assessments, printed information, confidential coaching sessions, one CEU, and shipping and handling.

“Understanding Your Communications Style” is a wonderful value at a time when value really counts.

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