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If you've ever asked yourself how something could possibly have gotten “this bad,” whether you’re looking at a bad hire, team dysfunction or a process problem, exploring the relationship between organizational culture and the communications and conflict styles that work best in them can help you solve and even avoid similar problems in the future.
Is This a Good Fit? The Connection Between Organizational Culture and Communications Style explores this relationship.

Using a case study, this publication first explores the definition and models of organizational culture that have been proposed in the past. Then, conflict and communications styles are discussed, especially which styles work best in which cultures, and how these styles impact all aspects of organizational functions. Finally, there is a detailed analysis of the case study, and tips on how you can apply the concepts and insights to your own organization.
This study was designed for people in human resources, organization development, organizational consulting, workplace conflict resolution, and employment mediation. In addition, organizational leaders will especially benefit from the ideas discussed so that they can harness the energy in their organizations and avoid the disagreement and team dysfunction. 
For those in OD, this information will help you design projects and processes that will fit well and will be successful in your culture. For those in HR, this information will add another layer of understanding to hiring and evaluating employees. For those in Conflict Resolution or mediation, understanding organizational culture as the context for conflict adds a dimension that can help resolve employment disputes and team conflict.
This white paper takes a whole new look at established concepts and synthesizes them in a way to provide a new tool for organizational understanding

Is This a Good Fit?
The Connection Between Organizational Culture and Communications Style

Table of Contents


Part I: What Is Culture?
    What Does a Bad Fit Look Like? A Short Scenario
    The Problem of “Fit”
Part II:     Models of Organizational Culture
     The Deal and Kennedy Model
     The Trompenaars /Hampden-Turner Grid of Organizational Cultures
Part III: Culture and Conflict
     Five Conflict Styles
     Organizational Culture and Conflict Style
Part IV:  What Created the “Bad Fit?”
    How to Ensure a Good Fit

Appendix A: Sources of Power


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